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Welcome to Honolulu City Football Club!

Honolulu City Football Club (HCFC), a youth soccer club, was founded by Keach Mizuno in May, 2008.  Mr. Mizuno is the only coach in Hawaii who holds one of the most respected qualifications in the world, The Football Association Advanced Coaching License (England), UEFA “A”, and The Football Association Youth Coaching License (England)


With over 30 years of coaching experiences in various age levels from age 5 to college in the U.S. and Japan, he started HCFC with the young players who were at the early entry level of age 7 and 8 in order to pursue his strong aspiration to help develop the players who can compete at the world top level. 


HCFC is active in the city of Honolulu and committed to deliver a highest quality training program possible to its players and to be a positive influence for the local soccer community. 


HCFC provides the three minimum team training sessions at Kapiolani Park during the week and participates in the local youth soccer league at Waipio Soccer Park during the weekends. 


Keach Mizuno is affiliated with Austin Speight who is based in Manchester, England, and is UK and Ireland director of coaching organization of Coerver Coaching & Pro Soccer International Group. 



Message from HCFC Director Of Coaching:  

I was born and raised in Japan, and I started playing Football (Soccer) when I was at the 4th grade.  I led the team to City Championship Title at Junior High School and Prefecture Championship Title 3 years in a raw at High School.  I was a Prefecture All Star Player at the junior and the senior year at high school.  I went on to college, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, and played for the varsity team.  I’ve been playing for almost 50 years ever since I fell in love with the game at age 10.

It is my passion and love for the game that was once burned out after years and years of training day in and day out had driven me to pursue one of the most respected coaching qualifications in England starting in 1994.

You would never know how much there is to learn about the game and coaching unless you are exposed to those top players and coaches in the world.  I never realized at all how much more I could learn about the game of Football and coaching until I started my coaching education in England.  Since then, England has been my mother country in Football and where my heart always is.

The top coaches utilize their Fine Observation Skills during the training and the game to analyze the players and the team, and they come up with effective training applying their knowledge and creativity.  That is how I execute my training sessions.  It is a repetition of “Observe”, “Analyze”, “Plan”, “Execute” and “Evaluate” and “Observe” again through the training and the game. 

I believe Football is one of the most fair team sports of all.  There is less advantage for the players simply because of his physical size, strength or power compared to some other team sports, such as American Football, Basketball, Baseball or Hockey.  In the game of Football, one’s fine technical skills and intelligence play a very important role.  It is the fact that smaller players who are not as physically strong and powerful as other bigger players can prevail by using their superior skills, intelligence and courage

Children are our future.  I have dedicated myself to higher coaching educations so that I can provide them something that I was not given when I was young.  I’m here to give the best and the most effective coaching that I can ever offer for our local kids and to try to help them make their dreams come true!

Because of that the quality training at youth level requires considerations for Physical Growth, Mental Maturity, Intelligence Level and Physiological Aspects of those young players as they grow, certain techniques and physical training should have to take place at a certain age.  Puberty is the key word for the youth training, and Pre-Puberty is the Window of Opportunity If not, the players may have difficulty to master those fine techniques "Ball Mastery" and execute them in the game with the knowledge of the game at an older age.

Do not misunderstand with the size of the club or the team simply just winning or losing at these young ages in order to choose a right club that delivers quality training for your child. I urge those parents who want to give the best training opportunity for their children to take a free trial session with us.  You would never underestimate what kind of training is required to help your child reach the highest potential !  

Finally, I would like to mention my sincere appreciation to Dennis Mortimer, Kenny Swain, John Peacock and those who are with The F.A. and made a great impact to my coaching career. 

If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team please contact:


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